Bye Bike Trentino© accompanies its customers along the trails and paths that they are being asked or that suggests listened to their wishes.

In any case, you will always have the opportunity to meet or discover interesting historical, cultural or local issues and will be assured you are going to follow paths thoroughly tested.

A limited number of participants - 7 or 8 at the most - to provide a service more personal and secure as possible.

Contact me, I will have the pleasure to assist you.

Bye Bike Trentino© but also offers trips and tours of thematic:

Historical Routes
  • Following Garibaldi - memories of the Italian Third War of Independence, between Val di Ledro and Valsugana
  • Trenches, forts and military roads of World War I
The paths of the spirit
  • Hermitages and holy places
  • Places and paths for meditation



The duration of the trips can range from half a day to several days, with different arrangements depending on the type of excursion.

For rates and possible benefits (due to the number of participants, families, duration or number of trips), like any other request, please contact me without any obligation.



Bye Bike Trentino via Mesiano
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